If your cargo is damaged or lost while in transit your company could incur a financial loss unless proper insurance had been obtained.  Our “All-Risks” policy covers domestic and international shipments from the time the goods leave the seller’s premises until they reach the buyer’s warehouse, subject to policy terms and conditions and the terms of sale.

To file a claim with a carrier you have to prove negligent handling by the carrier and the carrier’s limits of liability mean the full cost of goods may not be covered.  Another consideration is the possibility of “General Average” being declared by the ship owner. General Average is a rule that has been in place since the early days of the East India Company that requires anyone with an interest in cargo on board a vessel shares in the risk of damage or loss of the vessel should that occur.

We handle all the administrative paperwork from completing the application to issuing the certificates of insurance. You’ll avoid the paperwork and administrative costs associated with securing insurance.

If you would like to know more about how you can protect your interests by insuring your goods contact a Green Worldwide representative for more information.