domestic shipping terms and conditions

This is an important legal document that governs the terms and conditions of your contract with Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC.

The following are the terms and conditions of your use of the website. Viewing or using the Green TMS website by the Customer, Shipper and/or Consignee (hereinafter individually and collectively referred to as “Customer”) shall confirm the agreement, on behalf of the Customer, to all of the Terms and Conditions which follow. You should read what follows with care to assure your understanding of these Terms and Conditions. Modifications, alterations or updates to this site and these Terms and Conditions may be made from time to time by the owner of this site, Green Worldwide Shipping LLC, or at any time. If the Customer choses to use the site, they must occasionally review these Terms and Conditions to see if they have been changed. The Customer will be considered to have accepted any changes if they continue to use of this site.

By tendering a shipment to Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC. (“Green Worldwide Shipping”) for arrangement of transportation services, the Customer, Shipper and/or Consignee (hereinafter individually and collectively referred to as “Customer”) agree to these Terms and Conditions which no agent or employee of any of them may alter except by a written agreement signed by both an officer (and not a mere employee or agent) of Green Worldwide Shipping and the Customer or a person authorized to sign on behalf of Customer. Upon such tender of a shipment, these Terms and Conditions become the Agreement of Customer and Green Worldwide Shipping (the “Parties”) with respect to Green Worldwide Shipping services (“Services”) relating to such shipment (“Shipment”).

(1) Freight Brokerage: Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC is a Freight Logistics Company which is also known as a “Freight Broker” and is registered as a transportation freight broker with the FMCSA under docket number MC-805313-B, with offices at 619 East College Ave, Suite F, Decatur, GA 30030. Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC is not acting as either a Motor Carrier, or Common Carrier, or Contract Carrier within the meaning of USC Title 49. Customer acknowledges that Green Worldwide Shipping is a “freight broker” and NOT a “freight carrier”. Any freight crossing our, or our assigned agent’s, dock temporarily during transit or for long term storage shall be subject to our standard Warehouseman’s Limited Liability of $0.50/lb. unless additional insurance is purchased by the owner of the goods. Goods transiting docks of a common carrier during transport whilst on a through Bill of Lading will be subject to the conditions of carriage as set out in section (6) BOL and Shipment Terms below.

(2) Freight Carrier: The freight carrier is a duly licensed and registered company that provides all or part of the actual transportation of your Shipment. Such freight carrier or carriers will be subject to all state and federal laws and regulations applicable to the transportation of the Shipment and, therefore, will be exclusively liable for the Shipment. Customer understands and agrees that the freight company or companies that actually transport the Shipment (“Carrier”) will be exclusively responsible for the transportation and delivery of the Shipment. Green Worldwide Shipping is not a freight carrier.

(3) You, the Customer, are responsible for: providing accurate weights, sizes and description of the Shipment including the freight class and National Motor Freight Classification (“NMFC”) code. Customer understands that all freight rates are quoted for a business to business delivery and from dock to dock. Residential services are available and are charged as an accessorial service. If residential pickup and/or delivery are requested by Customer, Customer warrants the locations will be accessible to carrier equipment. Customer agrees to provide the means to load and unload the Shipment unless these services have been arranged for as an accessorial service. Customer agrees to ensure the Shipment is properly prepared for transport by freight carrier (with NMFC-compliant packaging and a proper address), and to ensure that any flatbed cargo is properly secured and tarped by the Carrier, unless these services have been arranged for by Customer with Green Worldwide Shipping as an accessorial service. Customer also agrees to ensure that the Carrier has obtained any necessary permits for oversize or overweight shipments, unless permitting services have been arranged for by Customer with Green Worldwide Shipping as an accessorial service. Customer AGREES TO PAY FOR ALL SERVICES AS ACTUALLY PROVIDED by Green Worldwide Shipping and the Carrier. Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC reserves the right to amend or adjust these charges and to re-invoice the Customer in the following events: (i) if the original quoted amount was based upon incorrect information provided by the Customer; or (ii) if additional services by the carrier were required; or (iii) if the Customer authorized the carrier to perform the pick up, transportation and delivery functions other than contemplated by the BOL. Any dispute by the Customer of any invoice issued by Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC shall be made in writing, specifically indicating the nature of the dispute and dame within 30 days from the date of the invoice. In the event Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC does not receive timely written notice of the dispute the charges will be conclusively presumed to be valid.

(4) Lien: Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC shall have a lien on the shipment for all sums due it relating to this shipment or any other amounts owed by Customer. Customer authorizes Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC to advise third parties of asserted liens and to hold possession of any shipment against which a lien is asserted.

(5) Bill of Lading (“BOL”) and Necessary Documentation.

(a) On Less-than-Truckload (“LTL”) Shipments: Customer is required to use the Green Worldwide Shipping system generated BOL, which is issued by Green Worldwide Shipping as agent of the Customer. Customer agrees to sign that BOL prior to pickup. Customer must then provide, or cause its cosigner to provide, two (2) copies of the signed BOL to the Carrier at the point of pickup. Customer, or an agent of Customer, shall consign the shipment directly to the actual transporting Carrier. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTATNCES SHALL GREEN WORLDWIDE SHIPPING BE SHOWN ON THE BOL AS THE “CARRIER”. Accordingly, Customer agrees to hold such Carrier exclusively liable for loss or damages.

(b) On Truckload (“TL”) Shipments: A BOL is required, which Customer will print from Green Worldwide Shipping’s customer portal. If not issued by the Carrier, it may be issued by Green Worldwide Shipping as agent for Customer or by Customer itself. In all other respects, the provisions of paragraph 4(a) above shall apply to BOLs for LTL and TL shipments alike.

(6) Necessary Documentation: If Customer does not complete all the documents required for carriage, or if the documents which it submits are not appropriate for the Services, Customer hereby instructs Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC, where permitted by law, to complete, correct or replace the documents for it at the expense of Customer. However, Green Worldwide Shipping is not obligated to do so. If a substitute form of BOL is needed to complete delivery of this shipment and Green Worldwide Shipping completes that document, the terms of such BOL will govern. Green Worldwide Shipping is not liable to Customer or to any other person for any actions taken on behalf of Customer under this provision.

(7) BOL and Shipment Terms: Any BOL generated under these Terms and Conditions is NON- NEGOTIABLE, has been prepared by the enrolled Customer itself, or by the Carrier or Green Worldwide Shipping on behalf of Customer, and shall be deemed, conclusively, to have been prepared by Customer. The General Rules Tariffs issued by the Carrier actually providing the transportation of the Shipment will in every instance take precedence over any BOL terms and over Green Worldwide Shipping’s Terms and Conditions stated herein, except that any attempt to designate Green Worldwide Shipping as a “Carrier” shall be void, and provided that the following shall be allowed only under such circumstances as may be specified in Green Worldwide Shipping’s agreement with Carrier: (a) direct billing of rates and charges by Carrier to Customer, (b) recourse by Carrier against any other party to the Shipment for payment of such rates and charges, and (c) exercise by Carrier of any statutory or common-law lien it otherwise might have upon Customer’s freight. In the case of conflict between these Terms and Conditions and those set forth by the Carrier’s General Rules Tariff, the Carrier’s General Rules Tariff shall control with exception and provisos just stated. If a matter is not covered by such General Rules Tariff, however, these Terms and Conditions shall control. Any applicable provisions of the Carrier’s General Rules Tariff and Green Worldwide Shipping’s Terms and Conditions including, but not limited to, all liability limitations shall apply not only to the selected Carrier but to its agents and subcontracted carriers.

(8) Customer’s Warranties: Customer acknowledges its responsibility to comply with, and warrants it compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations including, but not limited to, custom laws, import and export laws, economic sanctions (if recognized by the U.S. Government) and governmental regulation of any country to, from, through or over which the Shipment may be carried. Customer agrees to furnish such information and complete and attach to its Bill of Lading such documents as are necessary to comply with such laws, rules and regulations. Green Worldwide Shipping assumes no liability to Customer or to any other person for any loss or expense due to the failure of Customer to comply with this provision. Any individual or entity acting on behalf of Customer in scheduling shipments hereunder warrants that it has the right to act on behalf of Customer and the right to legally bind Customer.

(9) Green Worldwide Shipping may cancel this Agreement and refuse to undertake any service on behalf of Customer if any of the following occur: BOL is not signed by Customer, BOL attempts to designate Green Worldwide Shipping as the “Carrier,” unauthorized alteration or unauthorized use of the BOL, shipments tendered to any carrier other than that designated by Green Worldwide Shipping, and LTL shipments tendered with any BOL not issued by Green Worldwide Shipping.

(10) Calculation of Rates and Charges: Shipments are rated according to applicable pricing provisions offered by the Carrier, based on shipment information provided by Customer and approved by Customer. Rate calculation includes the type of item(s) being shipped (class), weight, size, volume, type of packing, number of items and commercial or residential pickup or delivery, type of service requested and transit time. Shipping charges may include discounts from published carrier rates and are conditional based on payment within the Carrier’s payment terms. Pricing information in paragraphs (10) and (11) below is based on terms typically available under Green Worldwide Shipping’s agreements with Carriers frequently selected by Green Worldwide Shipping’s customers. If these terms are unacceptable to you, please notify Green Worldwide Shipping before tendering a shipment, specify desired terms, and Green Worldwide Shipping will make commercially reasonable efforts to find a Carrier meeting such terms.

(11) LTL Service: Rates for LTL Shipments are based on origin and destination zip codes, distance, commodity freight class per NMFC, net shipping weight (including all packing materials, crating and/or pallets) as a cost per pound and volume of space required for transit as cost per cubic foot and/or length of truck.

(12) TL Service: Rates for TL Shipments are based on Dock Door Pickup/Dock Door Delivery and Shipper Load/Consignee Unload and are state to state and mileage based. Full truckload Shipments include two hours of detention time at pickup and delivery. Additional charges may apply under the Carrier’s pricing provisions, including but not limited to Tractor Detention, Trailer Detention, and Driver Assistance. Additional detention time typically will be charged by Carriers at $75 per hour, up to $600 per day. A cancellation charge typically will be assessed for all TL shipments cancelled less than four hours prior to the scheduled day and time of pickup at the rate of $350 or 20%, whichever is greater. Expedited rates are based on actual or dimensional weight. If an expedited Shipment contains oversize freight, additional charges and transit days may apply. Blanket Wrap/High Value Goods rates are driven by state to state/mileage, weight (actual or density) and commodity/product type. Flatbed rates are based on equipment type, state to state/mileage and weight. If a flatbed shipment contains oversize freight, as determined by the state or states it will transport through, additional charges and transit days may apply.

(13) Guaranteed Transit Time Services: Unless Guaranteed Service is specifically listed as a chargeable accessorial service, delivery times are estimates only. When Guaranteed Service is included as an accessorial service, it is inclusive of transit times only as noted by the Carrier selected. Guaranteed Service transit times do not include holiday and/or no-service days as defined by the individual Carrier. This service is not guarantee for a particular pickup time. Pickup Day is not included in the qualification and calculation of transit time. Delays caused by an Act of God, war, weather or delays due to State or Federal intervention negate the Guaranteed Transit Time service. Carrier liability for Guaranteed Transit Time shall, at no time, exceed the additional accessorial charge as noted on the invoice. In no case shall Customer hold the Carrier or Green Worldwide Shipping liable for losses, lost profits, lost opportunity, economic damages, expense, or special, consequential or incidental damages Customer may have experienced as a consequence of transit times greater than expected. In the event of Carrier’s failure to comply with the Guaranteed Service requested, Customer is permitted 10 business days from the date of invoice to file a claim request in writing with the Carrier in care of Green Worldwide Shipping. If Green Worldwide Shipping does not receive a claim request or receives the request after the allowable 10 business days, the service provided by the Carrier will be deemed to have met all Guaranteed Service standards and the claim request will automatically be considered invalid and denied. In the event a Carrier fails to provide the Guaranteed Transit Time service as arranged, Green Worldwide Shipping will credit the account of the said Customer within 48 hours after Carrier has acknowledged liability. In no event shall Green Worldwide Shipping be liable for failure to meet the Guarantee, nor will any account be credited if Customer does not use Green Worldwide Shipping’s Bill of Lading.

(14) Right of refusal: Because Green Worldwide Shipping is not a common carrier, it reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse any shipment at any time.

(15) Delay of Shipment: Neither Green Worldwide Shipping or the selected Carrier shall be held liable for delays in delivery caused by accidents, governmental intervention, weather conditions, other acts of God, other causes referenced in the first sentence of paragraph 20 below, or any other circumstances that are beyond the control of Green Worldwide Shipping and/or the Carrier.

(16) Preparation of Shipment: Unless otherwise stated in a special agreement accepted by both Parties, Customer is responsible for proper preparation, packing, load securement and addressing of the Shipment. Unless otherwise stated, Customer is responsible for providing the means to load and unload the Shipment.

(17) Claims and Limitations of Liability: Green Worldwide Shipping does not insure or indemnify Customer against losses, damages, delays or other liability resulting from or incurred in connection with Shipment. In the event of a claim, Customer shall look solely to the Carrier and/or Customer’s own insurance in the event of a claim for damage or loss. If Customer is not the consignee, it agrees to cause the consignee to inspect the shipment at the time of delivery, and to document any damage on the delivery receipt prior to signing. Because the transportation of Customer’s freight is performed exclusively by the Carrier and not performed by Green Worldwide Shipping, the Customer agrees to hold Green Worldwide Shipping harmless for services (i.e. transportation of freight) performed by the Carrier. Customer agrees to pay Green Worldwide Shipping as per this Agreement regardless of any disputes that may or may not occur with the Carrier. Customer further understands and agrees that it will be subject to, and bound by, the Carrier’s specific limitations as to claims, losses and/or damages, and that it will not be able to recover any damages or losses in excess of such limitations. Customer acknowledges and agrees to its responsibility to confirm cargo liability amounts with the respective Carriers by calling Green Worldwide Shipping for confirmation of any particular cargo liability amount and purchasing additional insurance on any value based items requiring greater than $0.50/lb. release value.

(18) Third Party Coverage: Although Green Worldwide Shipping is not an insurance company or insurance agent, it will endeavor to assist Customer, on Customer’s request, in obtaining third-party coverage through insurers with which Green Worldwide Shipping maintains commercial relationships. Should Customer purchase such third-party coverage through the assistance of Green Worldwide Shipping and subsequently decide to cancel the Shipment after the coverage has been purchased, the fees for third-party coverage are non-refundable and will not be credited to Customer’s account.

(19) Claims Assistance: Although Green Worldwide Shipping is not a carrier and does not assume liability for cargo loss or damage in connection with Shipments it arranges, it will endeavor to assist Customer, on Customer’s request, with cargo loss and damage claims as Customer’s agent. If Customer desires such assistance, it must file cargo claim in writing with Green Worldwide Shipping within 48 hours of delivery. Green Worldwide Shipping will assist Customer in the submission of Customer’s claim to the Carrier, but is in no event responsible for payment of such claims and makes no representation, warranty or guaranty as to the outcome of such claims or the availability of insurance coverage from which the Carrier may pay such claims. The filing of a claim does not relieve Customer of its responsibility for payment of freight charges. Customer’s account must be paid in full prior to Green Worldwide Shipping providing assistance to Customer in processing a claim against the Carrier for loss or damage.

(20) Exclusions of Liability: Green Worldwide Shipping is not liable for any loss, mis-delivery or non-delivery caused by the act, default or omission of Customer or any other party who claims interest in the Shipment, or caused by the nature of the Shipment or any defect thereof. Green Worldwide Shipping is not liable for losses, mis-delivery or non-delivery caused by violation(s) by Customer of any of the Terms and Conditions (as applicable), other applicable provisions in the Bill of Lading, or the requirements of the Carrier’s General Rules Tariff. This disclaimer of liability includes, but is not limited to, improper or insufficient packing, securing, marking or addressing, or Customer’s failure to observe any of the rules relating to shipments unacceptable for transportation or shipments acceptable only under certain conditions. In order to prevent mis-delivery through tender of freight to imposters purporting to act for a selected Carrier, it is the responsibility of Customer to see that the identity of the pickup driver and the markings on his/her equipment are checked at the point of pickup.

(21) Mis-delivery: Green Worldwide Shipping is not liable for losses, mis-delivery or non-delivery caused by the acts of God, perils of the air or sea, public enemies, public authorities, acts or omissions of Customer or quarantine officials, war, riots, terrorism, strikes, labor disputes, weather conditions or mechanical delay or other failure of aircraft or other equipment. Green Worldwide Shipping is not liable for failure to comply with delivery or other instructions from Customer or for the acts or omissions of any person other than employees of Prioirty-1. Subject to the applicable limitations of liability contained in these Terms and Conditions, the Bill of Lading and the Carrier’s General Rules Tariff, Green Worldwide Shipping shall only be liable for loss, damage, mis-delivery or non-delivery caused by Green Worldwide Shipping own gross negligence. In any event, Green Worldwide Shipping’s liability shall be limited to fees that Green Worldwide Shipping has been paid with respect to the subject Shipment. GREEN WORLDWIDE SHIPPING MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILTY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WITH REGARD TO DELIVERIES OR WITH REGARD TO ITS WEBSITE, INFORMATION PROVIDED ON ITS WEBSITE OR SER VICES RELATED TO TRANSACTIONS CONDUCTED ON ITS WEBSITE. GREEN WORLDWIDE SHIPPING CANNOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY BY ANY SPECIFIC TIME OR DA TE. IN ANY EVENT, GREEN WORLDWIDE SHIPPING SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OF PROFITS OR INCOME, WHETHER OR NOT GREEN WORLDWIDE SHIPPING HAD KNOWLEDGE THAT SUCH DAMAGES MIGHT BE INCURRED.

(22) Termination of Use: Your right to access this website shall be under the exclusive control of Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC and may be stopped at any time and for any reason. We will attempt to let you know before taking such actions, but a failure to give such notice shall not alter the rights of Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC to take such actions.

(23) Venue, Forum Selection and Choice of Law: Customer acknowledges that Green Worldwide Shipping is a Freight Broker based in and operating within the State of Georgia. Except where preempted by applicable federal laws and regulations, this Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Georgia, without regard to its choice of law doctrines. Green Worldwide Shipping, Customer and the selected Carrier (pursuant to its separate agreement with Green Worldwide Shipping) agree that the venue for any legal action relating to Services provided by Green Worldwide Shipping or its websites, shall be exclusively in the courts of De Kalb County, Georgia or in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, Albany Division. In the event Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC is the prevailing party in any legal action to enforce these Terms and Conditions or to collect payment from Customer, Green Worldwide Shipping shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney fees and expenses from Customer.

(24) Payment for Services: Customer accepts full responsibility for a correct and accurate BOL. Customer agrees to pay for all Services as actually provided. Billing will be based on the actuality of the following; Actual commodity shipped, actual shipping weight including packing, crating and pallet, actual dimensions, actual volume, NMFC commodity code, actual freight class, number of items, type of service requested and other applicable accessorial charges, including, but not limited to all duties, customs assessments, governmental penalties and fines, taxes, and Green Worldwide Shipping’s attorney fees and legal costs allocable to this Shipment and/or all disputes related to the Shipment.

(25) Delinquent Accounts: All Services are charged to Customer’s account at the time of dispatch for our discount rates. If payment is not received for Services within Customer’s agreed-to terms of account late fees will be 1.5% of the total amount past due. Green Worldwide Shipping reserves the right to apply all funds received to the oldest (based on pickup date) outstanding invoice.

(26) Variances: Should the actual Shipment’s description or the actually required Services prove to be different than shown on the BOL, additional charges will be assessed and charged to your account. When paying by credit card or electronic funds, Customer agrees it will be responsible for all charges payable, including any adjustments, on account of such Customer’s shipment. These charges and adjustments, if any, will be automatically debited to Customer’s credit card or bank account.

(27) Payment Liability: Because Green Worldwide Shipping is not the actual carrier, Customer agrees that it will not withhold payment or deny liability for payment to Green Worldwide Shipping for reasons related to disputes with the Carrier.

(28) Method of Payment: Unless you are registered under a plan offering a specialized payment method, Customer must provide a credit card account number which is issued in your name or which you are authorized to use when registering for the Services. This card will be used as your primary method of payment. All payments shall be made pursuant to the terms of the pricing and other information relating to the Services selected. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you are authorizing and directing Green Worldwide Shipping to automatically charge any amounts payable by you in connection with your use of transportation services to the credit card you provided in the registration process or such credit card number you may provide thereafter. It is your responsibility to update the credit card information that you use to pay for the services. If you bill your use of Green Worldwide Shipping’s Services to your credit card, your right to use the Services is subject to any limits established by your credit card issuer. If you do not update your credit card information, Green Worldwide Shipping may suspend your use of the Services or, at Green Worldwide Shipping’s option, may automatically move you onto another bill payment arrangement. Green Worldwide Shipping may also make other billing options available. If Green Worldwide Shipping makes other billing options available, you agree to abide by terms and conditions applicable to those options.

(29) Changes in Terms and Conditions: Green Worldwide Shipping shall have the right at any time to change or modify the terms and conditions applicable to Customer’s uses of Green Worldwide Shipping’s Services, or to impose new conditions, including, but not limited to, adding fees and charges for use. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions shall be effective immediately upon notice thereof, which may be given by means including, but not limited to electronic or conventional mail, or by any other means by which Customer obtains notice thereof. Any use of Green Worldwide Shipping’s Services by Customer after such notice shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by Customer of such changes, modifications or additions.

(30) Severability: In the event that any term, condition or provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement shall be unaffected.

(31) No Waiver: The failure of Green Worldwide Shipping to insist upon the prompt and punctual performance of any term or condition in this Agreement, or the failure of Green Worldwide Shipping to insist upon or exercise any right or remedy under this Agreement on any one or more occasions, shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other term, condition, right or remedy on that or any subsequent occasion.


(33) Binding Effect: This Agreement will be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the Parties and their respective heirs, successors, and assigns.