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New door-to-door solutions

Green Worldwide has paired our easy-to-use GreenTMS software with our exciting new GreenWGS product. We now offer a fully automated, door-to-door White Glove delivery solution. By pairing our common carrier transport providers with our partner network of Last Mile Home delivery agents, we have created the easiest solution for door-to-door White Glove delivery on the market. Premium delivery services offered by our GreenTMS include Threshold Plus Delivery and White Glove Service.

Threshold Plus Delivery

Threshold Plus service includes bringing the packaged product inside the first safe doorway of the home. Depending on the product, we will send one or two drivers at our discretion. Your customer may inspect and open the packaging, inspect the product itself, and then fill out a short survey about the delivery experience.

Compare this service to a regular carrier rate plus lift gate, inside and residential delivery and you will soon see that this approach gives a far superior delivery experience to your high end customers.

*This service does not include moving existing furniture

White Glove Service

This is our top-of-the-line service and is designed for your customer to immediately experience maximum enjoyment of purchased items. White glove service mitigates remorse returns because we do all the work and the fine tuning. We’ll even demonstrate basic controls, for example, if your products are consumer electronics.

Two drivers will unpack the product, often on the truck to prevent dirt from getting on your customer’s floor. We’ll bring it inside to your customer’s room of choice, including up or down two flights of stairs, and place it exactly where indicated.* We provide time for inspection of the product, response to a short survey about the delivery, and any notations deemed necessary. We test the product to make sure it is working and provide a brief demo, depending on the product. Then, we gather up all the packaging materials and take it away for proper disposal.

Furniture customers particularly have grown to expect this kind of delivery. With our system customers can go online and schedule their own appointments at their convenience. Our Last Mile Home agents contact each customer by email and/or phone once the shipment has arrived at the local delivery depot. No surprises, just a professional convenient delivery experience.

*Service does not include moving other pieces of furniture to accommodate the new item

These services are available by clicking the White Glove or Threshold accessorial boxes when requesting a quote via our GreenTMS system.