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Warehousing Management Services

Our state of-the-art Warehouse Management System (GreenWMS) affords you online visibility of your inventory in real time, you can manage orders and create pick tickets via the web. Your inventory will be received, controlled and dispatched using our bar code scanners linked to GreenWMS. Green can custom configure our warehouse space to conform to the size of your cargoes.

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Additional services we provide include:

  • Distribution via GreenTMS
  • Internet fulfillment
  • Pick-and-pack operations
  • Kitting
  • Trans loading inbound and outbound
  • Overseas Internet purchase consolidation
  • Buyer’s consolidation
  • Bonded services are also available

We can customize a warehousing solution for your company and marry that to our GreenTMS domestic distribution solution or to our many international offerings including the MIA Gateway Latin American agent network for hassle free distribution reach into the Caribbean, Central & South America.

Miami: A Strategic Location

Green Worldwide offers warehousing services at our strategically positioned Miami Gateway facility at the Miami International Airport and close to the Port of Miami and Port Everglades. We serve our clients’ warehousing and distribution needs throughout the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. With the expansion of the Panama Canal, Miami has developed into a key logistical hub. You need a partner with the expertise and reach of Green Worldwide to ensure a smooth transit of the Miami Gateway and smooth sailing for your Latin American operations. Call us for a custom solution to your needs.