17 May 2018

Bridge Closure Adds to Charleston Wando Terminal Delays

On Wednesday, May 16th, The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) announced the temporary closure of the James B. Edwards Bridge on Interstate 526 Westbound after engineers discovered a broken cable linked to the bridge.

With an expected reopening date of June 11th, the SCDOT expects the repair will take four weeks to complete.

SCDOT advised repairs could take up to four weeks, with tentative completion set for June 11, 2018. Until then, traffic is being re-routed along Highway 17 South to Interstate 26, and Highway 17 to SC41. Theseadded detours are causing up to 2-hour delays for truckers traveling to the Charleston/Wando Terminal area.

Shippers should expect more congestion for detours to/from Charleston/Wando Terminal and potentially, increased moving costs as truckers add 20 miles to most transits.

Shippers should also be mindful of the additional 2 hours drivers will be adding to their daily commutes. With electronic logging device (ELD) in effect and actively monitored, truckers are restricted to 11 hours of drive time before taking a mandatory 10-hour break.

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