08 Nov 2017

Cleveland Has a Port?

Ask any Cleveland, Ohio enthusiast about the city and they’ll rave about the Cavaliers’ NBA Championship, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and gorgeous beaches.  But, even die-hard fanatics might not know that Cleveland has a sea port.

Nestled next to the Cleveland football stadium, this port is far from a ‘mistake on the lake.’  Processing roughly 13 million tons of cargo annually, the Port of Cleveland is a the first major U.S. port of call along the St. Lawrence Seaway System and a cost-effective gateway to the U.S. Midwest market.

Imports and exports depend heavily the port’s multi-modal infrastructure connecting Cleveland to all major highways, CSX & Norfolk Southern rail systems, and access to 100 commercial ports line the navigation channel.  In partner with the largest ship owner in the Netherlands, the Spliethoff Group, the Cleveland-Europe Express also offers direct, scheduled service to the Port of Antwerp – a great alternative to typical East Coast trans-Atlantic routings.

This trading jewel can also be extremely strategic for anyone moving project cargo.  One of the costliest parts in moving out-of-guage freight is the domestic transportation.  By circumventing busier East Coast ports, shippers can save on costly state permit fees, reduce mileage by positioning freight closer to the final destination, or utilize the transit as ‘floating warehousing.’

A bit more interested in Cleveland?  Contact me, Jordan McComb, at Green Worldwide Shipping, to sea if this freight option is right for you!


Business Development Manager, Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC.