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Click to watch a demonstration of our Green TMS solution. See how easy it is to get get quotes and book shipments.

Green Worldwide specializes in helping your small- to medium-size business hone its competitive edge by sharing the same huge freight discounts enjoyed by Fortune 500 shippers. How? We combine the buying power of all our customers to leverage these discounts from the top LTL carriers in the U.S.

If you have just one or two shipments a month, or fewer than a dozen pallets of freight per week, you will be offered only rack rates from the big carriers. They don’t want your business – but we do! Try our Green TMS solution and get access to discounts, tiered (FAK) rates that provide further savings on your fluffier items, and reduced accessorial charges such as lift gate upon delivery, and/or pick up, or residential deliveries. These discounts add up to significant savings.

Our GreenTMS solution makes it easy to quote and book online 24/7. Save quotes for later use, turn those quotes into shipments and dispatch the freight when it is ready to move. You can save your regularly shipped products, origin and destination addresses and shipment history so that all you have to do is point, click and ship. The shipping documents, including labels, are delivered to your desktop or email and can be forwarded to the loading dock, whether that is on your premises or at a third party location. Our shipment dashboard gives you instant information on what you have shipped, including status and tracking information.

Setting up an account is fast and easy. Your first step is to complete our credit application form and email it to If you wish, include a list of your regularly shipped products so that we can classify them and preload them into your account.

We will email you back with your log in credentials and then you are ready to ship!

For instructions on how to use our GreenTMS please refer to the demonstration video above. If you have any further questions please call the Green Team at +1 844-871-8053.

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Even though our GreenTMS system is an automated product the Green Team is always available to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions about which carriers to choose, how to classify your freight or you need assistance with large loads that will benefit from a spot quote or full truckload (FTL) rate please feel free to call one of our Green Team customer service representatives.

Tips for using our automated TMS system

Always use your product’s valid NMFC number when booking your freight.

If you do not have that number the Green Team can assist you with that. Our system, unlike many of our competitors, does allow you to book using only the class or weight and dimensions of your freight but the estimated freight rates returned are subject to reclassification by the carrier if they prove to be inaccurate**.

Select the additional services required for safe and efficient delivery.

Carriers add surcharges for these services and if they are required upon pick-up or delivery they will add the services as required and bill accordingly. As a rule of thumb individual packages, crates or pallets weighing more than 80 lbs, delivering to a residence or business without dock-high facilities, will require a lift gate to load or unload. We have negotiated these and many other accessorial charges for our customers at generous discounts. Be sure to select what you need to avoid any shipping delays or surprises on your freight bill.

Our GreenTMS warns you if your large items are best suited to spot quoting

That includes any shipment more than 4,000 lbs, or that exceeds six pallet positions or more than 12 linear feet. If your shipments is too large it may not fit in the trucks. Carriers will up-charge you for the use of the entire truck if you load them with a shipment that prevents them from loading another shipment of the same size onto that truck. Please pay attention to these pop-up warnings and call us for an accurate quote. We can in most cases get you a better rate by negotiating those shipments individually with the carriers.

Carriers require a four-hour pick-up window between 0800-1700, Mon-Fri.

If your shipment needs to be picked up before or after those hours, or you cannot give a four-hour window, please call our customer service line when dispatching. We will call the local carrier terminal to determine if they can make those special pick-ups.

If you are shipping fragile goods, call our customer service line

to determine the best carriers for your selection. Our GreenTMS will return you rates from all carriers on that lane starting with the cheapest first. Cheapest is not always best, so if you are not familiar with the carrier and your goods are fragile please call us for guidance. It is also important to remember that the NMFC class system uses value and handleability/fragility as well as density to determine freight class**. If you are rating with dimensions and weight only and your goods are of high value or fragility you will find the actual class is higher than the class returned by the system based on density alone. This is why we recommend using the correct NMFC code for each quote where possible. Remember, we are always standing by to assist you!

The quotes you receive are only as good as the information you submit.

If your cargo requires additional services, has larger weight or dimensions than declared or is of a different class (as determined but the carrier**) you may have your freight charges adjusted. By using our site customers agree to our terms and conditions of carriage, and all shipments are subject to reclassification or adjustment by the carrier. The Green Team will inform you of any changes in billing from the quoted amount and request back up information from you to support your position should you feel the adjustments are unwarranted.

**Freight classification: The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has created a freight classification system for all types of commodities to standardize freight pricing. This freight classification, including definitions of classes, is cataloged with the National Motor Freight Classification tariff (NMFC).

Shipping commodities are grouped into 18 classes between 50 and 500. Shippers and carriers use the NMFC freight classifications as a common standard when setting shipping charges

What are the four characteristics of freight classification?

  • Density: Weight per cubic foot.
  • Freight Stowability: Length and width based on carrier mode rules.
  • Ease of Handling: Evaluation of the care involved in transporting.
  • Liability: Includes the freight price per pound, susceptibility to theft, liability to damage, breakability and perishability.

It is very important to accurately determine the NMFC of the items being shipped to avoid costly adjustments.

If you have questions regarding a freight classification, a Green Team Account Representative can help.

Call +1 844-871-8053 for assistance.