Green Worldwide Shipping, a top provider of international supply chain logistics, is excited to launch the Company’s 2-year development program, Green Academy.

Designed to emulate a traditional European apprenticeship, Executive Vice President, Nick Brown, saw the opportunity to entice excitement in young talent considering logistics as their career choice.

“Everyone wants to work for the Googles and Amazons of the world. By providing them with hands-on end-to-end supply chain experience, attendees can kick start their career within a fraction of the time that it takes for someone to earn a managerial role in logistics.”- Executive Vice President, Nick Brown

The rotational program  focuses on skill development opportunities across Green Worldwide’s business segments. The six-month rotations are designed to provide employees with a wide range of experience in building skills to advance their career in logistics.

Trainees will be exposed to the following core areas of Green’s operations:


During the rotational program, trainees will work with team leads to leverage Green’s unique data assets and cutting-edge technologies to create and efficiently solve analytical problems. After two years, they will placed in managerial roles in the field of their choice in one of Green’s 11 offices (depending on availability).

Green Academy’s first trainee is Timothy Whelan, a recent graduate from Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. Whelan’s interest in supply chain originated in his hometown where he was surrounded by constant freight movement from being amongst one of the country’s most busy ports, the Port of Savannah.

Thomas Jorgensen, the Company’s CEO, looks forward to the growing possibilities the program has to offer.

“We started the program to find the right talent for Green. Young graduates have a hunger for knowledge that is unmatched, so between The Green Way and our freight experts, Green Academy seamlessly paves a road for great success for these individuals.” – Thomas Jorgensen, CEO

Currently the Green Academy is offered at Green’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia with hopes to expand nationwide. Current employees are also eligible to participate in the rotation depending on sponsorship needed by an executive leader and open relocation to any of Green’s 11 offices.

Interested in applying for a spot in Green Academy?


We’re always looking for driven and ambitious talent for any of our 11 offices!