What is Order Management?

Order Management (OM), also known as Purchase Order Management (POM), is a solution or process a business uses to keep track of their purchase orders, inventory, and fulfillment throughout the lifecycle of their product.

Order management data is incredibly powerful for businesses to review in order to assess product pricing and manage relationships with vendors. Traditionally, order management begins when a buyer places an order with their vendor (creating a purchase order) and ends when delivered at the final destination.

What is the problem with Order Management?

For many businesses, there is a large hole where visibility drops off in Order Management systems from when the product has become available by the vendor to when it arrives into inventory.

When this happens, companies are left to coordinate with freight forwarders and Customs through burdensome un-tracked communications.  Meanwhile, status information must be manually collected and updated between legacy systems and Excel spreadsheets.

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What is the difference between OM and GEM?

Green Engineered Management (GEM) connects all of these pieces to tell the full story of an organization’s supply chain data which lets business leaders to make quicker decisions and avoid potential risks.

GEM extends visibility beyond just the purchase order to provide supplier performance measures, predictive analytics, and live risk mitigation that reports international events as they happen and how they may impact your supply chain. GEM also combines all manual, Excel-driven data from legacy or manual systems into usable, cross-referenced reporting.

  • LIVE Shipment Mapping – Pings Vessels & Aircraft as they Travel Enroute
  • Customized Adaptable System – No Forced Processes
  • Powerful Reporting – Merges Burdensome Supply Chain Data

Green Engineered Management?

Because GEM is a product of Green Worldwide Shipping, the system is backed by a team of dedicated project managers, analysts, and tech developers whose sole mission is to ensure an exceptional shipping experience as dictated by The Green Way and our 34 Fundamentals of Service.

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