PierPass 2.0 Sets Appointments and Flat Fee for LA/LB Ports

PierPass 2.0 Sets Appointments and Flat Fee for LA/LB Ports

2018-08-07T14:01:51+00:00May 2nd, 2018|Domestic, Shipping News|

West Coast Marine Terminal Operators Association (WCMTOA), the 12 marine terminal operators at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, announced the implementation of an updated, unified set of business rules targeted at reducing port congestion and improve overall efficiency.

Nicknamed “PierPass 2.0,” the revised OffPeak program by PierPass Inc. aims to shift from the 2005 congestion-priced model, which requires payment of a Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) of $72.09 per TEU for day shift pick-ups. Under the new appointment-based model, both day and night pick-ups will have a lower, fixed $31.52 per TEU flat rate, funding the extended gate hours while reducing overall truck congestion.  Appointments won’t be needed for shippers and truckers utilizing concentrated peel-off piles.

Determined to increase efficiency and uniformity among all 12 terminals, each will offer two-hour appointment widows, ending at 3:30 PM day shift and 1:30 AM night shift, to ensure on-time performance.

Pier Pass 2.0 is set to launch in August, pending approval from the Federal Maritime Commission, with a follow-up assessment by beneficial cargo owners, truckers, and other stakeholders in October, allowing for feedback on improvement and effectiveness.

For more information about the program, check out the New OffPeak Program FAQ.

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